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Our responsibility

Arval, a socially responsible company

At Arval, we are mindful of our economic and social profile and our impact on the environment

Arval's corporate identity rests on four fundamental pillars: economic responsibility, social responsibility, civic responsibility, and respect for the environment and for the world we live in.

Our economic responsibility

We help companies make the right choices regarding their total cost of ownership (TCO), car sharing, and pool management.


Our social responsibility

We advise clients and help them draw up a Company Car Policy that is reasonable and fair to both clients and users.


Our civic responsibility

We offer safety training, identify drivers who may be at risk, and ensure that cars are properly maintained and insured. We also support corporate philanthrophy focusing on education, health, culture


Our environmental responsibility

Our company is ISO-14001 certified, recommends vehicles based on their CO2 emissions, and offers courses in eco-driving.