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Arval Drive Challenge

Arval Drive Challenge

Put your good driving habits to practice.

How is your driving behaviour? We invite you to play this serious and fun game that challenges your driving skills on three points: acceleration, breaking and speed. The free app is now available in the App Store and Google Play.

Arval Drive Challenge: what's that?

It’s a serious game that helps to improve your responsible driving behaviour. During your rides, the app gives you tips and techniques to improve your driving skills, reduce fuel consumption and ensure everyone’s safety. So far the ‘serious’ part, because the game is also fun! How come? You compete against other users of the app. If your results are positive, you gather points and climb up in the ranking list or you win! The further you advance, the more difficult the game becomes. We challenge you to complete all five levels.


How does it work?

The game principle is simple:

  • Get into your car
  • Before you start, press the grey button in the middle of your screen
  • Drive
  • Press the grey button again when you have reached your destination.

What's there to win?

Besides the honour, you can win badges and free in-app functionalities. Does your driving behaviour improve? Then you also contribute to a cleaner and safer environment.