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Arval Fleet View

Arval Fleet View

A quick and simple view of your fleet

This user-friendly platform shows all the key indicators of your fleet. The graphics give you a clear insight in your real time fleet status.

What are the features of Arval Fleet View?

Arval Fleet View gives you the key indicators of your fleet in four areas:

Fleet: a monthly overview of your fleet for each type of energy used, vehicle and brand.
Cost: monthly averages and the budget breakdown.
Usage: average mileage deviation for under- and over-mileages leases.
Environment: CO2 emissions and consumption rates.

In each category you see the general trend that your fleet has been following since the beginning of the year compared with the year before.

Your benefits with Arval Connect

You have a 24/7 quick overview of your fleet with clear data at hand.

This supports you to easily make an analysis as the tool compares the elements of your fleet with the year before.