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We manage your fleet, you retain complete control

Arval allows you to have access to a full fleet without worrying about the expense, complication and frustration of administering dozens of vehicles and drivers across multiple territories.

By choosing Arval, you and your company save significant amounts of time and money. Why? Because we, not you, manage your drivers. Their day-to-day monitoring is taken off your hands -- and yet you retain complete control over your fleet.

We input all agreements signed with your firm in our computerised system. That way, we can guide your drivers every step of the way. If there is vehicle damage, if servicing or a relief vehicle are needed, communications take place exclusively between Arval and the driver. Arval exercises complete neutrality in the process -- as its many satisfied clients can attest -- including in the selection of the type of car. Your company decides which areas to oversee and which to delegate.

Once we team up, Arval provides all relevant departments in your organisation with highly detailed information: driver data, vehicle data, the level of the driver’s personal contribution, tax details, and contract information. We make sure that your drivers adhere to the rules in your company car policy: that they use the appropriate type of vehicle and fuel, and that when their vehicle is in need of repair, it is delivered to the service unit in acceptable condition.