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Information for suppliers

Providing guidelines to partners and suppliers

We are dedicated to our suppliers and partners and strive to give them regular guidelines and instructions concerning Arval's partnership policy.

Arval offers maintenance, repair and replacement tyres for the leased vehicles in its fleet, substitutes cars that have suffered body or accidental damage, delivers cars within a short timeframe, and arranges for their convenient return.

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Service, Maintenance and Tyres

Our technical department is reachable via our toll free number 1800 103 9393 or e-mail service@arval.in. We will be more than happy to respond to your inquiries if your vehicle suffers bodywork damage, if the glass has to be repaired or replaced, if the tyres need replacing, or if the vehicle was delivered to you in poor condition (i.e. it has a damaged interior or exterior, a non-working odometer, etc.)



• Assessing damage You are coming to an end of your car lease contract tenure and its time to check your vehicle for damage. While returning your car, it must be in the running condition as it was provided at the start of the tenure. During the contract tenure, you need to report the claim (as per the insurance norms) to avoid dehire damage charges. If you wish to make insurance claims, inform Arval one month in advance. E.g. if your car is returning on 1st June, then you should inform Arval on insurance/claim repair no later than 1st -15th May. (Subject to claim approval by insurance company - as per Insurance Regulatory Development Authority: IRDA)

A. Claiming of damage repairs under insurance when the contract is active:
The damage request has to be reported within one working day of the incident taking place with a complete and valid claim form submitted to Arval.

B.Claiming of damage repairs under insurance on or after the vehicle return
All insurance claims must be submitted during the life of the agreement. You are not able to make any damage or insurance claim of the vehicle at the point of return or after you have returned it to Arval (Subject to charges under the terms of lease agreement).

• What is normal Wear and tear?
You will be charged for any damage to the vehicle that is outside of our normal wear and tear policy. Normal wear and tear occurs as a result of usage or ageing.

Body or accidental damage
Body or accidental damage

It is essential that you get in touch with our technical department via our toll free number 1800 103 9393 or e-mail service@arval.in if your Arval vehicle has suffered body or accidental damage. Repairs can only be conducted by our trade partners, subject to the necessary approval.

Delivery of an Arval lease vehicle
Delivery of an Arval lease vehicle

Should you require delivery of an Arval lease vehicle, please inform our purchase department in advance: Their prior approval is necessary for the delivery to happen promptly and smoothly. Remember that at least three working days are needed for the car to be handed over to the user. Arval will produce the insurance certificate and send all the necessary documentation across to you.

Return of an Arval vehicle
Return of an Arval vehicle

Users often like to return their existing vehicle on the day that they take delivery of the new one. Should you wish Arval to organise a vehicle return, please let us know via our toll free number 1800 209 5777. We will arrange for it to be collected promptly.

Become a partner !
Become a partner!

Arval strives to offer its clients and users the best possible quality of service. As a result, we have agreements in place with a large number of suppliers who meet the same quality standards. We are always eager to hear what your company has to offer. If you wish to become one of our partners, and need more information on the subject, you're welcome to contact us by phone: 022 61964100