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Why leasing with Arval ?

Arval’s commitments

We Advise

We advise you on a company car policy that matches your organisation’s needs.


We Manage

We manage your fleet and users


We report

We provide you with all relevant fleet data to make your decision-making process easy


We commit

We are committed to delivering on our promises.


Why lease with Arval ?

Account Team Structure

We have structured our business to meet your needs. Find out how our unique Account Teams can support your business.


Our unique Account Team Structure puts you at the heart of our business. We have broken down departmental silos to put all of the people who can support you around one table. Each Account Team manages a portfolio of customers and is comprised of experts from different areas of our business. This generates a dedicated team that really understands your business and can provide a fast resolution to any issues that you have.

The members of an Account Team

Each Account Team includes customer service professionals, vehicle order and delivery specialists, technical experts and end-of-contract support. Here are more details:


Account Manager - as your primary contact, the Arval Account Manager is responsible for supporting you on a day-to-day basis. Providing expert knowledge and advice which they can gather from across the team, they ensure the smooth operation of your fleet, resolve any issues that you have and ensure the needs of your users are met.


Order delivery specialist - an expert in purchasing vehicles from key network partners and nominated sources, they specify the vehicle, confirm the users’ requirements, make the order and track progress.


Technical Vehicle Support - a technical guru, this person manages and resolves any vehicle related enquiries or concerns you might have. This could include repair queries or managing vehicle downtime to keep it to a minimum.


 End-of-contract support - They will respond to any questions involving the vehicle return and inspection process.


Insurance Support : They will respond to any questions involving the insurance of your vehicle.


The benefits to you:

When you need us, you know exactly who to contact because you are allocated a single team, available via a dedicated telephone number and email address, which provides reassurance that we understand the history of your fleet and that you receive continuity of service

Faster response times because all of the relevant people are in one place. They are positioned to communicate directly with each other, discussing solutions and getting back to you with a speedy and effective response

Our employees better understand your business and your fleet objectives, as well as your user profiles.

Stronger customer relationships: familiarity breeds respect and friendship, so you are always supported by a team of people that you know and trust. This also allows us to manage any bespoke service provisions or specific customer KPI’s more effectively.

Arval User Contact Centre

The Arval Contact Centre is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to support your drivers and help keep them on the road


Your users have an important job to do for your business and we have an important role to play in keeping them on the road. The Arval Contact Centre is a dedicated telephone resource for your users, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Based at our Mumbai head office, our highly trained advisors manage all inbound email and telephone contact from your users to help keep them on the road.


We are focused on continuous improvement and user satisfaction levels are monitored at every opportunity to ensure that we deliver the highest standards of service. From a quick question to a major incident, you can rest assured that your users are in safe hands.





Arval Service Charter

Whether you lease 1 vehicle or 1000, we promise to provide high levels of service, accuracy, expert advice and fast response times.

Underpinning this approach is our Service Charter which sets out the promises that we make to you. It details all of the services that we will provide during our relationship with you, and the frequency you can expect to receive them.


As a valued customer, we will regularly update you on how we are doing through clear and measurable metrics. Promises that we make to you in our Service Charter include:


We will be available - through our Account Teams and Arval Contact Centre we will be available when you need us.


We will bring you a rapid response - through our highly trained, expert teams we aim to deal with your questions or issues quickly, and with an effective solution.


We will deliver leading fleet solutions - with more than 40 years of experience and the full range of products and services to offer we will meet your diverse and ever-changing needs.


We will anticipate your needs - by understanding your business and working closely in partnership, we will proactively provide recommendations which bring value to your business.


The benefits to you:

A clear commitment to support your business

Transparency and clarity over what we will deliver for you

Tracking and reporting to show you how we are performing

Complaints Management

Complaints are an opportunity to improve
We consider every complaint from a client as a gift and an opportunity to improve what we do, and how we do things.

A complaint means that we have not met your expectations and tells us what we have to do better to earn the loyalty of our customers. This is why we keep an open dialogue with you and report complaints KPI to you.
If somebody using our service is dissatisfied, we register the complaint in our dedicated tool and make sure the complaint is acknowledged within 24 hours. Our objective is to solve the issue as immediately as possible, within 3-5 days depending on the issue.
However, to us, it does not end here. We regularly consider trends to see where we can do better on all different levels. Your feedback is our most important input and we investigate and amend our process accordingly. Only when you are satisfied and our process improved, do we consider the issue resolved.