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Why leasing


Very often this decision is being made solely based on the price - an approach that does not cover everything. Because leasing is neither more expensive nor cheaper than outright purchase. However, leasing - and especially full service leasing - offers many benefits to companies.

It is a cost-effective approach to funding while at the same time providing certainty and reducing your exposure to the risks associated with the unpredictable used vehicle market.The fixed monthly payments support you in setting and managing your company vehicle budget, and additional products like maintenance and insurance can easily be included in the lease at a fixed price to make sure that your operating costs remain stable.

We offer a full range of supporting products and services which you can benefit from; where we will support your employees and take-on all of the day-to-day administrative tasks linked to that.

The brand image of your company will be important, and ensuring that your employees are driving modern and well maintained lease vehicles when representing your company on business will certainly help. It will also help you to meet duty of care requirements ensuring that the vehicles that your employees use are safe and fit for purpose.

The contract itself can be tailored to suit your unique requirements but will typically be between three and five years. At the end of the lease, we will collect the vehicle or your employee can buy back from us. This means that you don’t need to worry about how to sell the vehicle, or the state of the used vehicle market and amount that it has depreciated.





  • Preserves liquidity: Instead of a high, one-time investment you pay only a monthly rental for using the car. This helps your liquidity and improves your credit rating.
  • Fixed monthly costs: Services like insurance, maintenance, tyres and so on are included in the monthly full service leasing rental. You know the exact costs and can plan better.
  • Strong Purchasing Power: We buy each year over 80,000 cars, hundreds of thousands of tyres and workshop hours. Benefit from our purchasing power and negotiated fees!
  • Pay-as-you-earn: Costs occur while you are using it to do business. This means the car finances itself.




  • Reduced administration: Each company car produces each month 6-10 documents. With full service leasing you reduce this administration effort to a minimum. Everything is invoiced with a single monthly receipt!
  • Focus on core business: By outsourcing of your fleet management you free your employees for core tasks.
  • Fixed contact person: Instead of dealing with car manufacturers, insurance companies, tyre partners and workshops you have in Arval one fixed contact person, who takes care of everything.




  • No risk of residual value: With full service leasing you have 0% residual value risk. Use your company car until you do not need it anymore, we take care of selling it.
  • Make risks transparent: You receive detailed reports and analysis for your fleet and thus can spot inefficiencies and misuse immediately.
  • Professional fleet management: Our experts manage over 1 million cars worldwide. Use our experience and reduce the risk of incorrect decisions.




  • Car policy: A state-of-the-art car policy provides your employees with clear rules, rights and duties. Our experts consult you about standards and help you customizing your policy to your needs.
  • 100% mobility: A company car is an important benefit and users expect 100% mobility. Our team takes care of every user’s request and provide 24/7 assistance.